Note Match is a visual aid made of writable and erasable white board material. Our straightforward tool helps anyone learn to read sheet music by highlighting the physical location of the notes they see on their sheet music. To use it, you simply place Note Match on the keyboard and play the notes on the score. The letters that represent the key names are positioned conveniently on the lines and spaces, exactly as they would appear on a grand staff. Note Match works with all standard-sized pianos, whether they be upright, grand, or keyboards and eliminates the need for other, ineffective visual aids. Not only does Note Match make it easier to learn sheet music, but it also helps the student learn music theory basics for a better understanding of sight reading and playing the piano.

In essence, Note Match helps students to connect the dots between sheet music and the actual physical manifestation of the notes. This tool, though simple, is extremely useful and has worked wonders with our own students struggling to learn to read sheet music. Note Match works quickly, giving learners a solid theory foundation within the first lesson.

Note Match helps students learn the following:

  • Proper finger placement
  • Note names
  • Key signatures
  • Note relationships
  • Which notes to play in correlation to the sheet music
  • Scales and how notes correspond to them

We can’t wait for you to try Note Match. If you have any questions, get in touch with us today.